Education, science and technology

DPC is focused on

  • Fully developing the intellectual capacity of every Nigerian and women such that they will be more useful to themselves, the nation and mankind
  • Having an enlightened populace. Easy to govern but difficult to enslave.


DPC is:

  • Aware that all man's productive activities are predicted on being in good health; we shall seek to ensure that Nigerians, from cradle to grave, are in a sound state of mind and body.
  • Believes in the need to stop the need by affluent Nigerians or public officers to go abroad for medical treatments.


Wage policy and social security

DPC is commutted

  • To ensuring greater productivity, a contented work force, and happiness post retirement and in old age.
  • To removing one of the major or reasons for corruption in the public service.




We the Democratic People Congress of Nigeria, desirous of breaking the jinx of poverty and backwards in our nation, and after several deliberations and consultations, have resolved to bring about stable polity and have therefore decided to put in place the mechanism and vehicle to ensure the emergence of a virile, ideological, patriotic and all-inclusive national political alliance to be known as the Democratic People’s Congress (DPC), for the necessary push to propel Nigeria through and beyond the 21st century.


                                                                                     >>>Please click here to read our full manifesto<<<

Party National Working Committee

National Chairman: Rev. Olusegun Peters
Deputy National Chairman: Mrs. Comfort B. Effiom
National Secretary: Alh. Mohammed Lawal
Ag. National Treasurer: Chinedu O. Finbarr
National Organizing Secretary: Alh. Haruna Abubakar
National Publicity Secretary: Derri Alasuote Wright
Ag. National Legal Adviser: Irene Ominike Odibaba
National Woman Leader: Mrs. Adah Audu
National Vice Chairman (North Central): Mrs. Faith Olawumi

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